Brand New Condo Projects in Griffintown

The magnificent world of Real estate is always transforming and developing in Montreal. Many cities and neighborhoods no longer look as they once did. A prime example of this is the city of Griffintown.

Over the past few years, Griffintown‘s image has changed as a result of large real estate developments, infrastructural improvements, and population increase. Taking inspiration from the past of this cherished neighborhood in the Sud-Ouest, a significant urban initiative run by Montréal aims to establish a neighborhood where living is enjoyable.


A Comprehensive Urban Planning Strategy

Griffintown’s special urban planning program, which was adopted in 2013 and reflects the aspirations of neighborhood stakeholders, presents both a neighborhood vision and the actions that the city is currently taking to transform this formerly industrial area into a creative, livable, and sustainable neighborhood. The new Condo Projects in Griffintown are growing rapidly and professionals love what has been done to the place.

Griffintown, Montréal, has four new residential projects, all high-rise, either under construction or have recently been finished. Four of these are condo buildings, with a total of 565 units now under development. Musto Construction is Griffintown’s most active developer.

Experience a thrilling urban experience. Give yourself the gift of a brand-new condo or loft in Griffintown, one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

The city is an urban district that has just been reimagined as a lively living space. Here, you can discover the most well-known cafés, notable retail locations, and easy access to the Lachine Canal’s banks.

This innovative proposal combines prestigious stores and hotels with apartment complexes. Gain access to the top eateries, boutiques, spas, pubs, bike trails, and public spaces provided by the new District Griffin developments.

The city of Griffintown enjoys a prime position adjacent to the REM, Old Montreal, downtown, major roads, and public transit.

Griffintown West – Quartier Général

The exceptional location of Quartier Général in a vibrant, lively neighborhood makes your new apartment a welcome haven of peace and quiet.

There will only be two phases to the friendly and inviting project known as Quartier Général. Its red brick facade evokes the industrial era of the neighborhood and mixes in perfectly with the surroundings. This amazing place has been meticulously designed both inside and out.


A Project Developed for People

There will only be two phases to the friendly and inviting project known as Quartier Général. Its red brick facade evokes the industrial era of the neighborhood and mixes in perfectly with the surroundings. This really amazing place has been meticulously designed both inside and out.

Your New Home

The project’s two buildings are connected by a warm and welcoming lobby, providing an entrance that will make you feel at home as soon as you enter. Use this enjoyable and welcoming area to work, study, or simply relax with your neighbors over a cup of coffee.

Your Very Own Space

The architects at Prével are renowned for the care and consideration they devote to each unit in order to make the most of every available square inch of space. The end product is a fully functional living space that offers owners the most value for their money.

Every unit is different, so the only thing left to do is sit down with one of our sales consultants to decide which one is best for you.

Choose Your Finishing

You have plenty of freedom to design a room that expresses who you are thanks to our extensive variety of finishing.

Our sales team highlights the various options accessible to you so you may give your unit a unique touch.

Health & Fitness Center

The sports center, which has a large pool with a green wall, is the most attractive of this project’s common areas. What could be more unwinding than a little exercise session followed by a few laps? Especially when it means never having to leave home!


Having shared spaces that promote a true feeling of community is one of the greatest perks of co-ownership. Whether it’s at the rooftop terrace, sports center, or any of the living areas, Quartier Général was built to let you unwind, connect with people, and relax.


Find a Home in Griffintown

Griffintown is definitely a wonderful place to live and work. Residents of Griffintown have reported being extremely satisfied with their dwelling and want more people to know about this haven.

Get in touch with a professional real estate broker like Jacob Sherf to learn more about the new condo projects in Griffintown.